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ePA-GF filament__Natural

Product Description :

Best print temperature: 240~260℃
Base temperature: 80℃

Instruction Application


- 1.75mmffffffff



- ePA-GF is a beige translucent filament;

- As a intermediate loading glass fiber reinforced nylon, it's much improved in mechanical strength, rigidity, modulus, etc comparing to pure nylon filament;

- Improved creep resistance, fatigue resistance, heat resistance and the distortion temperature can be 120℃. It has excellent print performance, which print smoothly with no edge warping;

- Smooth, fine surface and no outside leakage of glass fiber, which avoid the harm of touch;

- The glass fiber decreases the shrinking percentage compared to pure nylon, so big prints are less likely to shrink and deform.



- 0.5kg /spool

- 1kg /spool,10 Spools/ctn.



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