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eSmooth filament__Natural

Product Description :

Best print temperature: 190~220℃
Base temperature: No Heat/(60-80)℃

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Instruction Application


- 1.75mm



- eSmooth has a translucent, white appearance;

- Non-toxic, tough, hard, hard to break, good temperature resistance and creep resistance;

- Good print precision, no warping, stripping or stringing;

- eSmooth is easy to absorb water, so better drying before print. Remember to choose an ethanol solution over 99.7% purity and work with a spray type polisher for polishing;

- Environmentally friendly, stable performance, more refined and brighter after polishing, complete decomposition, no carbonation and no residue in 600 ℃, can be used for metal casting.



- 0.5kg /spool


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