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eABS Max

eABS-MAX filament__White

Product Description :

Best print temperature: 220~240℃
Base temperature: 90~110℃

Instruction Application


- 1.75mm




- The appearance is black, nontransparent;

- Non-toxic, tough, hard texture, with good temperature tolerance and creep resistant;

- Good melt fluidity, print smooth, nice abrasive resistance and dimensional stability, oil resistance;

- Compared with ABS and ABS+, it has better toughness, much improved in craze, edge warping, whole layer stripping situations when printing objects with large corner;

- Maintain 90% of physical performance in -20℃ low temperature and won't crisp;

- Waterproof, less than 1% of water absorption in normal temperature, which ensuresflame retardant efficiency;

- Allow acetone polishing for appearance.



- 1kg /spool,10 Spools/ctn

- 3kg /spool,4 Spools/ctn



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