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eSUN eSmooth 3D filament

Product Description :

All you need to know about eSUN new filaments — eSmooth

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Instruction Application

Description about eSmooth:

1. eSmooth has a translucent, white appearance.

2. Non-toxic, tough, hard, hard to break, good temperature resistance and creep resistance.

3. Good print precision, no warping, stripping or stringing.

4. eSmooth is easy to absorb water, so better drying before print. Remember to choose an ethanol solution over 99.7% purity and work with a spray type polisher for polishing.

5. Environmentally friendly, stable performance, more refined and brighter after polishing, complete decomposition, no carbonation and no residue in 600 ℃, can be used for metal casting


Performance Indicators


Testing method


Polished filaments

Water absorption



Melt index(190℃/2.16kg)

GB/T 3682



Tensile strength

GB/T 1040



Elongation at break

GB/T 1040



Bending strength

GB/T 9341



Bending modulus

GB/T 9341



Notch impact strength

GB/T 1843



Distortion temperature(0.46Mpa)

GB/T 1634


eSmooth printing parameters

1、Best print temperature: 190-210℃

2、Bed temperature: 45-55℃

3、Feed rate: 30-90mm/s

4、Idling speed: 90-150mm/s


Printing notices

1、Leveling printing plate before starting;

2、Heat the hot bed to 45~55℃ before printing, paste transparent golden polyimide high temperature resistance tape to the surface and keep it clean;

3、Keep a optimum distance between nozzle and plate (which allows you to paint out a flat line while moving your nozzles; if too far the line will be much mellow and too close will be hard to let filament out);

4. A lower filling rate can print finer articles (about 20%~ 30% degrees);

5、Nozzle diameter should be bigger than layer thickness. Try parameter like 0.2, 0.25, and 0.3;

6、No need to print in a closed area.


When polishing:

1、Hang the prints in the air to make a full contact with ethanol vapor. The whole process takes 20-30 minutes.

After polishing:

1、 The prints normally turn white and soft. Just use tweezers or other tools for air drying. Do not touch bare hands.

3、To achieve best polishing effect, 3-5 days air drying will volatilize solvent on surface and form a hardened layer. Do not dry with oven, or the solvent will volatilize and destroy polishing effect.


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