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eSUN 3D New Optimized ABS+ Filament

Product Description :

ABS + Printing Parameters
Best print temperature: 220-260 °C
Plate temperature: 100-110 °C
Feed rate: 30-90mm/s
Idling speed: 90-150mm/s


19 colors

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Instruction Application


- 1.75mm (Accuracy:1.7-1.8mm)

- 2.85mm(Accuracy:2.80—2.90)
- 3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm)



- With good melt mobility and smooth printing;
- With high toughness, hardness and rigidity, and good scratch resistance;
- More suitable for printing objects with large corner;
- With good heat resistance and oil resistance;
- The surface can easy to be colored.



- 1.0kg/spool,10/12 Spools/ctn.

- 2.7KG/spool,4 Spools/ctn.

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