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Everything on 3D Print Expo 2017

 From October 13-14th, 3D Print Expo was held in Moscow ECC Sokolniki. Hundreds of exhibitors gathered together to show the latest application of 3D printing in various areas.


  Expect for exhibits, the two-day exhibition also provides a professional 3D printing seminar. What's more, many Russian teenagers come to learn more about 3D printing and many media come to visit and do some reports about the event too



  The most impressive exhibits are the giant 3D printing rocket and a vivid alien in art gallery.

  After 2015 and 2016, this is the third time that eSUN come to 3D Print Expo. This time we bring a full line of our latest products.

  ESUN has long focused on production of green material. On this exhibition, you can see our PLA, ABS, PVA, PC, HIPS, Nylon and eConductive filament prints. Among all, the wolf and monkey prints are the most appealing ones.


  One local media is deeply attracted by these series and has taken quite a lot pictures of them!


  This handsome staff is a Russian distributor of eSUN PCL products. He devoted himself to the introducing of eSUN filaments to every visitor!

  In every exhibition, LTP 4.0 low temperature 3D print pen is always the most welcomed product. People are always amazed by the simple appearance and small size, the safe and easy handle, which is the perfect 3D print tool for children. It can be used as the best teaching tool and easily help children to make everything they have in mind.


  One teacher tried our 3D pen and said “ It's the easiest and safest 3D pen I've ever used! It won't hurt with low temperature. I will definitely use it in my class!”

  A blond girl printed a pair of glasses with our 3D pen and said that she has never imagined that such a small pen can do such amazing tricks! She decided to make more stuff with our pen.



  Yes you can definitely print anything you want with our 3D pen! This product is now upgraded and we also provide you with some user guide along with the pen.


  That's everything about 3D Print Expo. See you on the next 3D exhibition!



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