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Glowing review of Inside 3D Printing Seoul

eSUN was happy to participate in the June 28th- 30th Inside 3D Printing in Seoul! We got much attention from LinkdIn.


It's the 4th show in Seoul for Inside 3D Printing. The grand development since the last show has lit up people's enthusiasm in Korean in the Digital Era.



The whole exhibition is full of a warm atmosphere. eSUN co-exhibits with the 3D printer best seller XYZ. I believe our partnership will support each other for a promising future.  


This baby Groot has attracted many attention and affection in eSUN booth. It's printed with white PLA+.


  Made from corn, the degradable environment-friendly filament gives prints better glossiness and transparency with no wire drawing. The smooth surface, fine color and appealing look on baby groot makes it perfect!  


And these 3 super cool mask are printed with another degradable environment-friendly filament "eCopper".


The molding temperature of copper is rather low, so eSUN eCopper can be easily molded. With small shrinkage, it helps to avoid edge warping and copper help to give prints a the color of copper and a metal texture. They're the perfect costume for Halloween!   

Let's review some other fantastic moments in the exhibition!


 It's a vividly 3D printed Korean actor. You can even compare it with the ones in Madame Tussauds!


The Iron Man costume is one the most welcomed one on site. Every tiny detail is restored by 3D printing!



The colorful and golden soldier statues look mighty and lifelike!


  The 3D printed beloved Frostmourne from Warcraft is amazing!


3D printing technology can even restore childhood scenes of life!


That's all for Inside 3D Printing in Seoul! Worldwide exhibition, we are always on the way.

At last attaching our online shop and give a scan with your phone you can buy any 3D printing material you like all the time!



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