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Who Invent the Low temperature 3D printing material?

When we talk about 3D printing, many may think it's too difficult for normal people-you need an expensive 3D printer, maybe even capable of design and programming.


Indeed it's the case for traditional 3D printing, but there is a simple 3D printing tool with no such restrictions. With it everyone can enjoy the fun of 3D printing. It's cheap, easy for beginners, and with all your imagination you can turn 2D painting to 3D art. Yes, we're talking about 3D printing pen.   


It's known to all that 3D printing pen is easy to handle but hard to control. The temperature can be up to 180℃. And nowadays 3D printing pens use mostly ABS or PLA, which give out unpleasant smell. Materials are melt in high temperature when printing, so it's easy to get burnt.

Besides, these materials are disposable, so one single mistake means a total waste......


  To solve all these defects, eSUN invent the first ever low temperature 3D printing material-eMorph in 2008 domestically. The high-performance grainy material is a low temperature thermoplastic made of light weight polyester.  After heated it can be remoulded and reused for many times. When cools down, it solidifies and becomes tough as plastic.     


  Now, eSUN announces eMate-a special 3D printing material which can be remoulded with low temperature.

Compared to grainy eMorph which can melt quickly with 60℃ heat, the best printing temperature for eMate is 80~100℃, and the temperature of 3D pen point can be 25℃. It perfectly avoids accidental burn and enables you to create with no direct touch with skin. eMate becomes even harder after moulding and forms a line shape which is flexible and can be remoulded many times too. 

Both eMorph and eMate are low temperature materials that can be melt. Their main raw material is self-produced PCL by eSUN. It's biodegradable, environment friendly, and popular in the use of 3D printing pen both domestic and overseas.  

eMate comes from eSUN PCL, we have the most advanced technology and an exclusive compound patent nationwide.

eSUN low temperature filament solves the problem of high temperature danger for 3D printing pen, and leads it to a low temperature time. As a colorless and tasteless biodegradable material, it can be reused like plasticine, and applies to daily life use. No doubt is a new record for 3D printing material.

ABout eSUN

eSUN always devotes to the industrialization of environment friendly material. It specializes in the research, development, production and management of biological material and green solvent. eSUN has started the research and production of 3D printing material and has the biggest export volume nationwide. The brand also has certain influence international 3D printing material field.  


Print with eMate

Adults or children, if you like to create, you can try to paint with 3D printing pen. Look at these: kids favorite angry bird, accessory, flowers... Everything you can imagine can be printed!  




With environment friendly and harmless eMate, you can even make monster teeth costume for Halloween party!

  Make some elk, sleigh, snowflake for Christmas!  

  Learn to paint some visual impact 3D model, it makes fairy tale come true!  



These are some works by chinese maker Ye Tingting with eSUN eMate!



 They are exquisite both in form and details. Many people are impressed and interested to make one too. Miss.Ye has give us the specific procedure, you can buy some eMate and do it yourself!







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