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【eSUN global exhibition】Another meeting in Seoul after Tokyo

Inside 3D printing Conference and Expo is the largest and most-renowned show for the 3D printing industry. Sao Paulo, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, Singapore and San Diego have hosted it one by one. A three-day Inside 3D Printing expo is coming soon! From June 28th-30th, eSUN is excited to meet you in booth No.302!

 As a new industry, 3D printing is having an increasing impact on our daily life and manufacturing. 3D Printing is the main realization form of Additive Manufacturing, also an booming emerging technology in manufacturing industry. It's called “a manufacturing technology for industrial revolution”. Its application area covers: industrial design, machine manufacturing, aerospace, military equipment, medical, jewelry making, model making, fashion, movie, architecture, creative design many other fields, like the perfect combination of traditional manufacturing technology with new material.  


Company Profile

Established in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in researching, developing, producing and operating degradable polymer materials. As a national new material project commitment unit in strategic emerging industry, eSUN has been committed to research on the industrialization of biodegradable materials. Since 2007, ESUN has begun to research and manufacturer 3D printing consumables, so far, it has been the largest domestic 3D printing filament exporter and leading brand of global 3D printing consumable market.

Product Instruction

eSUN Fashion grey eSteel - Polishable Stainless Steel filaments

eSteel indicates a fashion metal sense after polished. It’s an environmentally friendly material and can be widely used in the fields of fashion creative design / industrial design/ maker space and so on.



eSUN released bio-based SLA resin

eResin-PLA has bio-based, small smell, safe, environmentally friendly features and it’s tougher and more wear-resisting. The special Resin could be solidified by UV and normal visible light and there isn’t any warping and distortion problem.



Extracted and purified from corn grain, PLA/PLA+ is a biodegradable material which features for good glossiness and transparency, high rigidity and no distortion. With 190-210 ℃ Printing temp., PLA/PLA+ filament could be used for Makerbot, Up, RepRap, Cubify and all other FDM printers.


High strength, good toughness, scratch resistance, good melt mobility and smooth printing, with good heat resistance and oil resistance. The surface can be polished by using acetone and easy to be colored.


Filament series


PETG、HIPS、WOOD、eFlex filament: environmentally friendly, could be applied to auto parts, architecture, art creation, toys, fashion, model mold


ePC、eMate、ePA、ePA-CF filament: can be applied to arts and crafts model, electronic equipment, medical field


eCopper、eAl-fill、Bronze、eMagnetic、eCondutive : Applicable to the development of product design, imitation of cultural relics sculpture, crafts, living supplies, antique equipment model, defense weapons model: electronic integrated circuit packaging, electromagnetic shielding, etc

eSUN’s subsidiary company isun3d also brought us latest iSun3d low-temp printing pen, education-specific 3d printer 3Dwox. Drawing you own 3D world.


Toys, fashion jewelry model



Global leading FDM 3D printing filament brand

Contact Details


Address:Wuhan University Building A403-Ⅰ, No.6 Yuexing2 Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518057                                 

Exhibition: Inside 3D Printing(Seoul)

Time: June 28th-30th,2017

Exhibition Hall: KINTEX 2 (Hall 6)

Booth: No.302


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