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What’s more important than watching "Dangal"?


Recently, the movie "Dangal" has become a hot topic and moved every audience. Some people see the greatness of paternal love, others see the persistence one needs to be a champion. What I see is the importance of education.


Nowadays, all Chinese parents put much effort to children's education. When it comes to arts cultivation, they hope it can be based on children's interest, so kids can be prepared in this way in their future.

What's more, the development of technology in scientific education plays an important role in the growth of children.

The 72th China Educational Equipment Exhibition was held in SICEC in Fuzhou, Fujian. The three-day exhibition is the largest, most influential and most professional exhibition in China and the whole world. It demonstrates the latest achievement, technique and product to us.  


The exhibition leads the development of educational equipment for nationwide schools, and eSun takes a positive part in it.


Isun3d, the subsidiary corporation of eSun, is a high technology company in 3D printing industry. In this exhibition, isun3d has firstly released the latest version of low temperature 3D printing pen, the version 4.0 (to match up low temperature filaments eMate). We also exhibited more than 20 kinds of 3D printing filaments and a printing machine for education.


   Many participants gladly tried our isun3d low temperature 3D printing pen 4.0 and created products with three dimensional sense. A lot of children are amazed visually and tactually. In the process of teaching, they were given the chance to create what they have in mind.


Wow, it's so amazing, so cool and advanced!

—— a participant on site

This pen melts filaments and then cool them down. Although the pen point is a

little bit hot for kids to touch, but it's not going to cause any harm. Generally

speaking, it's an interesting product for kids to try. 

—— a young mom

I'm crazy for 3D printing pens because you can create many interesting things with it!!! This printing pen is the highest cost-effective one that I've ever seen!

—— an enthusiastic fan for 3D printing pen


This cutie shows us his talent in painting! Isn't the painting herself in a three-dimensional version?


The latest isun3d low temperature 3D printing pen 4.0 is very popular in the exhibition. We also gains much attention for our low temperature filaments and the isun3d 3D printing machine for education.

The exhibition is a great success, with over 1200 exhibitors and almost 100,000 participants! To better serve education and develop children's imagination as well as creation, eSun and isun3d dedicate to apply 3D printing technique to education in a more extensive way, so more schools can enjoy the convenience of 3D printing. We hope to set an example and a leading role in the educational reform!



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