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Meet eSUN at 2017 EDUCATION CHINA in March

As we all know, education is the foundation of the prosperity of a country.

Since the reform and opening up, China and Chinese party has been regarding education as the key to the modernization of this country. They implemented the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, advocated that education needs to orient toward modernization, the world and the future.

2017 Guangzhou International Education Industry Exhibition will be held at NanFung International Convention & Exhibition Center in Guangzhou on March 18-20,2017. This event will focus on the latest product, technology and ideas, bring you a most exciting educational equipment show. 

​isun3d, the subsidiary of eSUN invites you to come! 

The exhibition will be an important platform to show the latest development of China education industry, a fundamental window to exhibit our enterprises in education equipment industry to the whole world. It’s not only the best platform for enterprises to build the brand image, promote, trade their products and communication with each other, but also help people to understand the development direction of education equipment industry, to feel the innovation of education equipment and share the information in this area.


isun3d, the subsidiary of eSUN, will bring you the latest isun3d LTP2.0 3D printing pen designed for educational industry, isun3d low temperature filament eMate, isun3d professional education 3D printer and other newly developed 3D printing equipments to this expo, demonstrate a perfect combination of 3D printing technology and educational equipment for you.

3D printing pen is the world's first pen with 

3D printing function.


By using PLA, ABS and eMate, 3D pen can write on any surface, and you can even paint with it directly in the air. It is compact and does not require any computer or software. You only need to connect it with electricity, and then a wonderful creation with isun3d special low temperature PLA will soon start.

Isun3d low temperature filament eMate (with registered trademark)


eMate, which is a low temperature thermoplastic material made of lightweight polyester, has safe and nontoxic features. When heated to 80℃ and combined with isun3d LTP2.0 printing pen, it can be used to paint freely, shape the model like plasticine after cooling. Both adults and children can play with it together, you could also hold some family activities or manual model classes with it.

isun3d LTP2.0 3D printing pen with a portable power + Low temperature filament eMate


Isun3d LTP2.0 3D printing pen – Sunflower and reshaped manual model angry bird

Education-specific 3d printer 3Dwox


Exhibition Name:2017 Guangzhou International Education Industry Exhibition

Exhibition Time:2017.3.18-20

Exhibition Add: NanFung International Convention & Exhibition Center (No. 630-638 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, ,)

Booth No. :Hall C - A512

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