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World pangolin day, save them and pass on love


The most harmful enemy of pangolin is angelababy? 


On February 18, a series of beautiful posters of this famous actress appeared in the subway station, caused a heated discussion on social media. The truth is, this English puns means, the biggest enemy of pangolin is human beings, and only human beings can protect pangolin.


The third Saturday of February each year is the World pangolin day. 


on February 17, 2017, China biodiversity conservation and Green Development Fund ("China green hair") said that the native Chinese Pangolin was defined as critically endangered species by World Conservation Union (IUCN) in early 2014.

In face of pangolin perishing predicament, the people all over the world are taking actions! Amaochan on large 3D printing online community Thingiverse also published a 3D printing model to save the pangolin and won nearly 5000 likes. People 3D print the pangolin, this endangered animal, to feel it and love it. 


eSUN, cokreeate, czarina.samonte and other 3D printing enthusiasts, used bronze and PLA+ filaments to bring these sweeties to you.

czarina.samonte Bronze pangolin


eSUN environmentally friendly and degradable bronze filament has special metal texture, low shrinkage rate and high intensity. The finished surface of your print will be exquisite and elegant, although the model is very complex. You can firsthand it, hold and feel the variation with actions , the bending one is just like a adorable crouching pangolin. 


Heather PLA Purple pangolin

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