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Let 3d printing help you survive the Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day has already arrived, are you still a single boy? 

Are you still nervous about how to say ‘I love you’ to your girlfriend?


Making a customized 3D printing gift will be a good idea. eSUN sells a variety of PLA, PLA+, bronze metal filaments, you could use them to print a variety of jewelry and necklaces.


Meanwhile, eSUN LTP 2.0 3D printing pen and eMorph could also be brilliant choices for hand making. Follow eSUN to see how 3D printing technology can help you out!

Twitter ID: @king3dnc eSUN PLA

Instagram: heart pendant and vintage jewellery shelf 


Rose earing eSUNLTP2.03Dprinting pen and eMorph

Instagram ID: pink bunny 


Instagram ID: @oneadaydesigns Fibonacci flower eSUN PLA

Nothing says modern romance like a 3D printed llama necklace for Valentine's Day. @Jlomasson

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