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Start your new journey of 3D printing with eSUN and Steve Solomon

It’s never too late to learn 3D printing!

Steve Solomon is a retired software engineer and has taken up the hobby of learning CAD design using Blender specifically for 3D printing.

“I strive for support free designs and fun creations that are easy to build. All of my designs are made so that they can be printed in separate parts with different colors. This allows people who cannot or choose not to paint their models to still produce a model in full color with only one extruder. ”

Famous characters and quotes from the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams

Dilbert - assembly overview

Special note from Steve:
“ I have white ABS filament from different companies and noticed a tremendous difference in opacity between filaments. I never gave it much thought before but on this project the filament from eSun was far better than the other, even though they are both labeled white. See below for a comparison. So, use your discretion on what filament to use.”


eSUN high strength ABS


Alice, from the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams.

Wallace and Gromit are from the British clay animation comedy series created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations.

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