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2017 First shoots! eSUN invites you to experience CES

Annual International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) was held in Las Vegas successfully on 2017.1.5-8. About 200 thousand people travelled to Las Vegas to participate in the largest exhibition of technology industry.

CES has been the launched for 50 years, it is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics exhibition which leads the development of each industry. From the traditional home appliance products to the computer and 3D industry area, CES pushes forward the technology to be more intelligent and fashion. A variety of press conferences and products of CES have indicated these, they have been committed to looking for opportunities in the new field, seeking to break the traditional thinking and become the leading power.


For a long time, China has been the global manufacturing center of consumer electronics. eSUN, which is the largest 3D printing filament exporter in China, is a loyal fan of CES. It has researched more than 20 kinds consumables, including the most popular low temperature eMorph, PLA+, ABS+, PETG, flexible filaments-eFlex, bio-based resin - eResin-PLA, and other filaments. These  filaments could be applied to many fields, such as education, architecture, industry, art, molding, medical and so on. eSUN feels honored to enhance our influence and value in the stage of CES .


eSUN appeared in the CES

More over, eSUN brought you a delicate and beautiful 3D printing product - iSun3d low-temp printing pen, which could be able to paint in the air, and education-specific 3d printer 3Dwox.

 eSUN marketing manager Li Yang


Group photo of eSUN participants

Last but not least, follow us to see the grand CES live!



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