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Get inspired by the latest 3D lithophane printing art 2017!


The most popular 3D printing art in 2017 - 3D lithophane, is creating something new!

Lithophane could show the shadow and texture through different layer thickness. Light penetrates the thinner layer easier, thus this printing part will appear to be brighter. In this way, your 2D pics can finally show three-dimensional effect.



Nanjing Small Info.Tech.Co .,Ltd. made a lithophane album with eSUN white PLA


All you need is a roll of white PLA, LED light and normal FDM 3D printer to make a simple lithophane of your own. There’s also an web named “Lithopane from Image Utility(LIU)”, which specialized in transferring 2D photos to 3D lithophane STL file. Just enjoy it because the printing is so easy!


If you want to customize holiday gifts, turn the precious photos into something which you can feel and touch, 3D lithophane is absolutely your choice!


Tian An Men square 3D Lithophane Album


Portrait bedside lamps


Feel interesting? Let’s start printing with eSUN filament together!

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