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All the way north, encounter the 4th Annual Maker Faire Bilbao

Located in the north of Spain, Bilbao is the economic center and largest city in Basque Country, also the capital of Biscay province. As an industrial city, this city is full of peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 


This year, eSUN came to the Bilbao and participate this Spain's largest Maker faire - Bilbao Maker faire. Spanish makers (and beyond) are gearing up for the fourth annual Maker Faire Bilbao, uniting the community and spreading the joy of making this weekend, November 18–20 at the Espacio Open Cookie Factory on the Zorrozaurre peninsula. 

CEO of eSUN, Kevin Yang,and Zhang Rongsheng take photos at the faire

Passionate and creative makers


eSUN is the only Chinese exhibitor on Bilbao, 


its isun3d LTP 2.0 3D printing pen soon became the most popular Star on the Festival! Kids can use Magiwire stencil to paint, 


it’s more simple, interesting and convenient, and the pen shell temperature is low for safer use. Thus, the pen attracted many children and parents.



The night of Bilbao is so charming, CEO of eSUN, Kevin Yang and Zhang Rongsheng took many pictures with 3d printing enthusiasts. 

After talking with Alexsanndra who takes charge of the Italy maker faire, eSUN decided to turn our own maker space into a mutual exchange platform for both sides, let’s look forward to their cooperation in the future.

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