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China Manufacturer! The wolf is coming.

Many people asked: how could 3D printing achieve the same advantage as injection molding machine?

Now the answer has come: Robot +3D printing pipeline!

A new era with personalized and large scale production really has arrived!

Formnext - formnext powered by tct on 15 –18 November served as a showcase and key catalyst of the combination of additive manufacturing and conventional technologies at the Frankfurt am Main in Frankfurt, Germany.

At present, a major common challenge manufacturers facing is: how to achieve the expansion and automation of production? How to integrate the increasing material manufacturing into the existing production? Formnext may give us some ideas. Let’s follow CEO of eSUN, Kevin Yang and Dr. Zhang Rongsheng to view some latest news!

Digital molding enables the rapid production of plastic parts w/o the time & cost of tooling, formnext shows various types of 3D printers used in automated assembly line, eSUN even witnessed the entire processing of a personalized product that only took 27 minutes! 3D printing combined with robot has accelerated the industry 4.0.

Robotic arms by 3DSystems

AB grouping reaction print

EnvisonTEC worked with its strategic partner Viridis3D to display a printing robot RAM123. Printing through a multi axis high-precision mechanical arm, as well as a unique colloidal jet printing nozzle, it could be used in the manufacturering process of sand mold, sand core and other fields.

PCB panel printed by Israel company -  Nanodimension

Additive Industries launched an integrated addictive manufacturing system MetalFab, which used a modular design and multi laser powder bed melting 3D printing as its core technology, and combined heat treatment module, automatic switching module, storage module. MetalFAB currently can process metal materials including: steel, titanium and nickel. It will be introduced to the existing manufacturing system by 4 European companies in the field of automotive manufacturing and aerospace. 


Stratasys made its Fortus 900mc 3d printers with SIEMENS end to end addictive manufacturing solutions together, in this way, this printer for prototyping and mould and short-term direct digital manufacturing will be integrated into the traditional production environment. 

Materialise released Magics21


Science and technology changes the world! 3D printing will soon appear in the production line, plus 3DHUBS (3DHubs is a printer sharing service platform through which builds the printer owners and needed people share network ) , a distributed manufacturing system has formed: robot +3D printing +3Dhubs (like Uber/Airbnb mode).

Chinese manufacturing advantages: large scale + standard production, will be all gone! The wolf is really coming!

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