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带你玩转成都世界3D打印博览会的盛况 Fun with your Chengdu World Expo grand print 3D

The Fourth World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference & Expo Autumn (W3DP 2016 Chengdu) with the theme “3D Printing, unlimited innovation ” held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition center in October 21 -24 successfully. Organized by the World 3D Printing Technology Industry Association, China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, the four days W3DP 2016 Chengdu conference is the largest event in 3D printing industry. A lot of professionals, fans and citizens were attracted to the expo.


As the largest exporter of 3D printing consumables, eSUN brought its 3D printings and products to W3DP 2016 Chengdu!


eSUN showed a series of creative materials at this lively and fascinating fair, not only low temperature material- eMorph, upgraded PLA+ and ABS+, eFlex, eLastic filaments, but also eCopper, eAl-fill etc, to gave us more distinctive visions.

eSUN’s 3D printing filament could be used for automobile parts, aerospace, mold industry, medical treatment, education, culture innovation, arts and crafts, clothing shoes, jewelry, furniture and almost all other fields. 

More and more customers come to visit, so lively.


Meet with a fan of eSUN from Heilongjiang and have a nice talk.

Cute photo of these two people


What’s more, eSUN’s subsidiary company isun3d also brought us latest iSun3d low-temp printing pen, education-specific 3d printer 3Dwox.


iSun3d low-temp printing pen mainly designed for children to turn 2D to 3D was very popular on this expo, many kids loved this pen and wanted to buy one after using.



Our stuff is teaching children how to use the iSun3d low-temp printing pen, kids are drawing pictures seriously.



Cute and lovely glasses frame and little angel drew by 3D printing pen


Follow us to see the fantastic event and feel the 3D printing world.



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