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SFMototype Kicks Off September 10th: Look how SF Moto bringing 3Dp and motorcycles together


SF Moto, together with You3Dit, is hosting something more than a happening and more than an event. They are introducing a new lifestyle to the San Francisco area from Sep. 10th to Oct. 22nd. eSUN also get involved in the event, trying to supply high quality PETG filament to the participants.


SFmototype, the first-of-its-kind 3D printing event, will bring together riding, digital design, latest 3d printing technology and fabrication, also provide participants exposure to brands like Honda, Kawasaki, and Zero Motorcycles. Between five and six printers are anticipated to use for around 45 days (roughly 2,500 hours of printing).


The event

The event kicked off on September 10th at the SF Moto store located at 275 8th Street in San Francisco, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can watch it on eSUN and SF Moto’s Facebook page to see industry experts talking about 3D printing and its future, along with how it is relevant to the continually evolving motorcycle industry. 


CAD software and 3D printers will be on hand to help bring customers’ ideas into reality. Printing will be done with PETG from eSUN, PLA++ from Breathe-3DP, and PLA supplied by Cubicity. 



Customers will be able to sketch their design idea, upload a photo of it onto social media and marvel as it is transformed into a 3D file and then into a tangible prototype! They could:

1. Conceptualize their own motorcycle print or product

2. Work with digital designers and 3D printers to turn their concept into a prototype, aka mototype.

3. Learn about the tools and technology enabling affordable and collaborative manufacturing

4. Enter a Mototype Design Challenge for a chance to enter a prize

How to participate:

1. Upload a sketch and description to Twitter or Instagram with #SFMototype.

2. You’ll be contacted by for a .stl design file to be 3D printed.

3. Come to SF Moto in San Francisco to watch 3D printers in action and pick up your print.

4. Winners will be determined by judges based on: Best Sketch, Best Design and Best Fully 3D Printed Prototype.




Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D printer

Printrbot Simple v2 3D printer

A motorcycle (and possibly a scooter)

Motorcycle gear (from jackets to helmet visors)



Special events available:

October 1st: Demo a Zero

October 15th: Demo Select Kawasakis

October 22: Contest winners announced. Come to SF Moto for food and raffle prizes!


The contest ends on the 22nd of October, and all the rules can be found here.


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