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Victorian Hurricane Lamp by Super fan of eSUN

Another super fan of eSUN was found in Thingiverse, Mike Laffosse made this shiny lamp totally by eSUN PETG and PLA. It glittered through the transparent PETG shade and looked so warm and exquisite.




This sweet lamp was made by eSUN blue PETG, eSUN clear PETG and bronze PLA with vase mode shade. The model design is from loubie on Thingiverse.

Another fans Steve Weberis also had a n idea of making this lamp。

The yellow shade was made of eSUN PETG and others with PLA.

It’s in vase mode at 0.3mm. He used way more infill on the lower part, the base and the candle holder are wood, so it came out real nice and heavy and solid.

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