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Artworks made by big fan of eSUN——Lucky toad of Chinese keepsake

Toad is known as one of the ten traditional Chinese mascots. It symbolizes Yin moon in ancient times, enjoys reputation of being poetic and idyllic. In the early stage of Yangshao culture, people draw the toad on their potteries to express the their ideals and beliefs of clan, so toad is given the meaning of "wealth and promotion, health and a long life".


Recently we received several photos of 3D printing artwork all made by PETG filament of eSUN and our big fan Steve Weber. The stunning printing capture our eyes, do you see them smiling at you?

- Odorless;little shrinkage rate;
- Hydrophobicity(Will not absorb water and as such clog the extruders);
- Outstanding toughness and high impact strength;
- Good liquidity(flows smoothly);
- High mehanical strength and excellent flexibility;
- High transparency;Good gloss;Recyclable.

Lucky toad of Chinese keepsake

Printed at 50% scale in green eSUN PETG at 0.2mm layers, no raft, and no infill.“This transparent green PETG sparkles like glass as it refracts the light. I printed it without any infill, so it’s completely hollow. For some reason I started feeding this guy with pennies through the slit in his mouth. He's got a belly full of copper now, and is surprisingly heavy when you pick him up’’.

Low-Poly Pikachu

“I printed these from eSUN transparent yellow PETG at 243 degrees, 200% with 3 shells and no infill. This is the first eSUN filament I've tried and I really love the clear spool, but I have had a couple issues with coming back to the printer and finding it printing in air for some reason.

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