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rose made by eMorph pellets and LED

A creative artwork made by Max Song and eSUN which combined eMorph with LED .

eMorph is a low temperature thermoplastic 3d print material made of lightweight polyester. With high degree of flexibility and plasticity, it has excellent performance in 3D print area. when the granular eMorph is heated to about 60℃, 

the material soften quickly and then can be shaped and reused. However, after cooling, it will turn out to be as tough as plastic.

With eMorph and shiny LED, an exquisite Rose was born.

White Rose—shiny and elegant

Blue Rose—enchanting and mysterious

Red Rose—like fire, like fairytale

One flower is a world

Exquisite blue rose, red rose and white rose, all created by eMorph and LED,

Which one do you like best?

Learn more about eSUN.

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