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Wow!the Slipper is So Flexible

3D PRINT INDIA happened in Bangalore on June 26-28 this year. With the rapid economic development, India also pays much attention on 3D printing. Let’s experience its great highlights.



eSUN have taken part in it and brought its eFlex、eLastic,and eCopper、eAl-fill filaments,together with other 3D relative products,such as isun 3Dwox,new launched isun3d print pen 3.0.



Do you still remember last Inside 3dpritning in Korea? It was perhaps affected by Fashion industry, eSUN eFlex, eLastic were very popular. What make us surprise is eLastic also caught Indian’s eye in this show. Indian liked slipper, they felt amazing on those 3d printing slippers,which were nice and flexible.


What’s more,isun3d print pen 3.0 and low-temp 3d print pen LTP 2.0 attracted many fans.




Bangalore is regarded as Silicon Asia. So this show attracted a large quantity of professionals and students. Photo below show us a university professor holding a 3D print pen. One of my colleagues drew the logo of their university using isun3d LTP 2.0. The professor said he would put this work on his desk to remember this interesting moment.



Except for slipper,there were many other beautiful 3D print models.



3D Printing statue


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