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Inside3d Korea brings collision between 3D printing and creative art

Taking place June 22-24, 2016, Inside 3D Printing Seoul have featured two days of conference sessions led by top industry experts, plus three days of exhibitions presenting the latest 3D printers, solutions and services.This show is one of the most notable 3D printing show in Korea,even in the whole Asia. If you didn’t present on site, Let’s see some splendid moments.



More then one hundred of famous 3D relative companies from all over the world took their latest 3d products,including 3D printer filaments,3d print services,3d printers,3d scaners,CAD/CAM software and 3D art exhibits to visitors.




eSUN showed a series of creative materials,such as ePC,ePA, upgrading PLA+ and ABS+, eFlex, eLastic filaments,together with eCopper, eAl-fill (including other new metal material) etc.


The copper 3d printing heads attracted the eyes of this pretty girl


Affected by advanced fashion industry of Korea, eFlex,eLastic filemnts from eSUN seized many eyes.  


Highly lustrous 3d accessories printed with eSUN eFlex


Shoes printed with eSUN eLastic


In the meantime,Inside 3D Printing brought topic speeches,3D printing works etc. Visitors were immersed in the fun.



The CEO of eSUN gave visitors a lecture titled BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS,3D PRINTING AND OPEN INNOVATION,sharing his perspectives about the status in global pattern and development direction of 3d printing. 


Cool model printed with eSUN eAl-fill  


Except for all kinds of 3D printer filaments,hot esun3d-sindoh 3Dwox and isun3d 3d print pen 3.0 appeared at the show.



Photo above is isun3d 3D Print Pen 3.0,attracting so many kids.


lampshade printed by eSUN PETG


Below are different beautiful 3D printing works


What about this 3D printing bag?



Delicate 3D printing lamp



Collision between 3d printing and creativeness 



OK,what do you think of this show? Stay tuned....

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