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Filipine agent of eSUN takes you to Toycon enjoying creativeness

Have you still remembered Dave,who shared his experience and works at Love 3D@Maker e Zone? Last time he share his perspective on 3D printing technology applied in creative industry and commerce,showing an attracting 3d printing work.Several days ago Dave taked his lovely son to TOYCON 2016 in Philippines,He also shared many interesting thing to us after the show.



Look this Q baby!


Uncle Dave attended TOYCON standing for his company DFX General Merchandise, haha, he taked unbelievable works again!  


The most attracting model is this complex Gundam model kit,which is containing more than 1800 parts.Dave made it using low temperature 3D pen and eMorph from eSUN.  



Dave told us,People are amazed at how eMorph can be used and reused over again. The strength of eMorph is also a great feature. It is very strong material yet soft when heated.For Low temperature 3D pen and eMorph, I show the audience how i used just one tool to build a very complex Gundam model kit with 1800 parts! This is state of the art tool for scale model builders. I can also us it to make molds, parts, putty and almost unlimited uses.



In the meantime,Dave showed the magic handcraft material eMorph.which is a kind of safe shaping material.



You could shape it as you like when it’s heated into 60℃.The model would become very hard like plastic after cooling off. 



Following is the introduction of our talented person Dave:


About Dave

What’s more,Dave is also a director of sci-fi. He works as a Visual effect technical director in daily life. What makes us Unbelievable is that he has been in 3D printing industry for ten years. He told us 3D printing technology made his work more accurate and efficient. It’s 25 years since Dave start Computer Graphic Design from 1990. If you have interest in communicating with him,pls contact

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