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eSUN meet BRICS in 3D Print India

3D Printing is a game-changers, disruptive and have impacted technology quite fundamentally Reliable sources indicate that the 3D Printer Market is projected to record S100 Million in near future This figure is likely to grow five times over in the next 5 years.



3D Print India are predominantly targeted at people who are at the core of these technologies - the techies so to speak. Be part of our events and be ready to go for live demos, presentations, hands-on workshop & get to hear some of the brightest people talk on 3D Printing& Additive Manufacturing.



The program will provide a unique opportunity for professionals to both understand and disseminate cutting-edge trends and thinking, besides networking and learning from each other.



The show will bring together a critical-mass of key business decision makers, business developers, and other industry influencers for two full days of content, anintimate. high-touch exhibit showcase, and start-ups from across the 3D Printing ecosystem.

As the revolutionist of 3D printing, eSUN will join it and bring its eFlexeLastic,and eCoppereAl-fill filaments,together with other 3D relative products,such as isun3d 3Dwox,new launched isun3d print pen 3.0.

Welcome to eSUN booth!


Exhibition:3D PRINT INDIA
Booth NO.:B6 

Location:Nimhans Convention Centre-Bangalore

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