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Looking For Magic Brush-the Second Season

Last Saturday LOOKING FOR MAGIC BRUSH has been held as scheduled. Mums and Dads take their kids to e-Maker Zone to share a special 3D printing experience course.  


This kid is concentrating on the course.

Firstly, the lecturer from isun3d was popularizing basic knowledge of 3D printing, stating the way using 3D printers and 3d print pen ,taking parents and kids visiting working process of 3d printer studio.   


The following is the part of experiencing Magic Brush- 3d print pen.


The kids is creating their works using 3D print pen,which is provided by isun3d,They are a kind of low temperature 3D print pen,which is need to be used with eMate from eSUN.As we all know,low temperature material is specially design for low-age children as its safety.



Interest is the best teacher. Those children are serious to its invention. 3D print pen help them cultivate their ability of handling and operating.    




The third part is experiencing the magic of handmade material eMorph. eMorph is a kind of safe non-toxic shaping material.We could shape it when its temperature reach 60℃.If it cools down,it will become very hard like plastic.  





The following is the different works of this event!



We feel the how time flies,because creative event make us so happy!


The photo of kids and their masterpiece


If you miss this activity,don’t be sad! Let’s get together next time,pls add our official account,We will notice you!

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