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Inside3D New York 2016 Full of Excitement

The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City was the site for a conference on a trio of emerging technologies—can we really call them that any more—that have been garnering a ton of attention in the industry over the past couple of years: 3D printing, virtual reality, and robotics. There, the Inside 3D Printing, RoboUniverse, and VR Summit shows hosted concurrent events tailored to each of their specific technologies, and all were present in the North Hall of the Javits Center where the trade show floor was located. Here are some of the sights that were had throughout the multi-day event(April 10-12).


 CEO of eSUN are interviewed during the exhibition.



The opening day of the Inside 3D Printing conference was full of excitement across the board, with introductions and announcements from all corners. In the second day lecture session, eSUN’s CEO Dr. Kevin presented his speaking BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS,3D PRINTING AND OPEN INNOVATION, addressed the history and near future of environmental protection material and 3D printer filaments.



The Exhibit Hall was filled with booth after booth of 3D printer producers, software solutions, and companies at the bleeding edge of the latest in additive manufacturing.

As a famous maker of new things, eSUN showed a series of creative materials, such as ePC, ePA, upgrading PLA+ and ABS+, eFlex, eLastic filaments, together with eCopper, eAl-fill etc. Of course do not forget his new generation 3D printers, 3D print pens. The display desk was put all kinds of 3D printing models to bring more choice for makers and designers.


eSUN’s Partner Shai and his Deltaprinter



Pretty Girl and iSUN 3d LOW-TEMP Print Pen


eSUN’S subsidiary company iSUN takes their low-temp print pen and iSUN 3D 3.0 to let visitors have a try....

 Leading 3D printing Enterprises


Stay Tuned!Let’s look forward to more shows in April and May.


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