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3D printer filament maker eSUN approved by China's NEEQ to list on Third Board

[Long Wei/Beijing Review]

Though the Kickstarter age might hide the financial reality of the 3D printing community somewhat, few startup success stories are complete without significant investment from other parties. Most of the products we use, from the 3D printing filament to our software and 3D printers, are the result of a sound financial structure. Good news has therefore come out of China, were major 3D printer filament manufacturer eSUN has just been added to the New OTC Market list of the NEEQ stock exchange – making investment a whole lot easier, more flexible, and giving the company a lot more growth opportunities.

Hopefully, this will enable eSUN to better cater to the growing East Asian 3D printing market, and boost the development of new materials. eSUN, of course, is a significant Chinese filament manufacturer. Founded in 2002, Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is especially focused on the development of green products and industries. Back in 2007, they entered the field of 3D printer filament manufacturing, and are one of China’s leading PLA producers. They are also one of the drivers behind the national standards for FDM 3D printing materials. From an industrial park in Xiaogan City, the Hubei province, they are working on developing new biodegradable plastics, lactates, polyols, polymers and 3D printing filaments. Last summer, this resulted in ePC, a transparent, fire-resistant and environmentally-friendly 3D printing filament.

It’s also a company with ambition that is looking beyond Chinese borders. As they explain to, they have set up good manufacturing relations with several significant European and American companies in the 3D printing industries. Right now, more than forty different resellers and companies over eighty countries are selling eSUN filaments, so you might be using their products without knowing it.

These ambitions will likely be boosted by this admittance to the New OTC Market of the NEEQ, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, in late February. This is a relatively new stock exchange, opened in 2013 after years of trials. It is known as the Third Board, after the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. The New Third Board allows for trading of stock of growth-stage companies that do not otherwise satisfy the requirements for listing on the main Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, allowing small- to medium-sized enterprises in China access to the capital markets and greater exposure to the investment community.

So why is this such a good thing? Well this opens eSUN up to over-the-counter investments, which offer a lot of freedom to business partners. A very flexible and independent type of stock exchange, it has mostly been developed through digital innovation over the last two decades. It has been specifically set up to give partners the freedom they need to get the best possible benefits. And because companies don’t need to meet a lot of requirements, it’s a perfect option for smaller companies and startups.

So what will this do for eSUN? Well, they have simply argued that this will give a boost to their original goals of making a sustainable contribution to human and technological development. “We believe that 21st century is the era of biological economy, which can solve the oil crisis and environment pollution so that a genuine sustainable state could be reached. It’s a new industry revolution and has a broad and profound influence,” they say.(

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