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China High-Tech Fair, Let’s take a look at a real high-tech with eSun!

CHTF 2015 was held in Shenzhen in November 16-21, with the theme of “Innovative Entrepreneurship, Cross-border Integration”.  Currently, it is the largest and the most influential scientific and technological fair in China and is renowned as “the No.1 Technology Show in China”.

It is aimed to attract innovative resources, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, push for cross border integration, and facilitate international exchanges and cooperation in science and technology. There will also be a series of events including the China Hi-Tech Forum, professional tech seminars, fundraising and project pairing for tech startups, negotiations for buyers, makers’ seminars, roadshows, debuts, etc. The total area of exhibition is estimated to exceed 110,000 m2, with more than 500 thousand visitors.  

Friends all over the world are welcomed to visit CHTF 2015!  

eSUN with the latest achievements of 3d printing materials, and all kinds of mixed color printing sample to CHTF, below is a small sample printed by 200g material, eSun’s 3d printing materials not only with more color variety, quality and stability, but also have a beautiful performance in all kinds of 3d printers, therefore eSun’s materials are popular for Makers!

 FuJian earthen building is printed by eSun’s material, pure color, nice result! And new iSun’s 3D pen have a latest functions, double-click on the wire feeding key, it can continuous loading filament, this function greatly increasing the user's operation fluency! eSun either in research the new print materials or design printing devices, they are very concerned about user’s feelings, try their best to make suitable products for Makers!

There are many Makers masterpiece showed at the exhibition, you can also see many young Makers, they are becoming Magic Ma Liang with eSun’s low print temperature 3d pen. eSun also in support of 3D printing into school, they want to give the children of the world more inspiration, inspire more creative!
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