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eSUN launches the new flexible filament——eLastic high resilience, wearproof and wide application

Remember that eSUN launched eFlex a few months ago? As a high resilience, wearproof and anti-aging flexible filament, eFlex was prevalent and well-received in market once launched. In the R & D personnel efforts, eSUN has recently launched a new flexible filament——eLastic.

eLastic characteristics is basically similar to eFlex, is also a kind of high resilience, mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance and aging resistance of soft elastic materiall , which inherits the advantage of eFlex. It is worth mentioning that eLastic adopts the opaque treatment , the color is milky white , which is well satisfied to the different uses of flexible material.

As eSUN’s research staff said, eLastic can be widely used in medical and health care, electronic appliances, sports, automobile transportation, geological mining, electronic communications, petrochemical industry, animal husbandry and food, aerospace and nuclear ships, etc. In the automobile manufacturing industry can be used in the production of auto parts, such as car dust cover, pedal brake products manufacturing. In mechanical industry, some gears, bearings cover products, also can use eLastic material.

“Perhaps these departments are not for use with an eLastic the livelihood of the people, very close to the application of life.”the eSUN research personnel said,” I want to tell everybody, eLastic on the use of footwear products is also very common. A lot of sports shoes, such as baseball shoes, golf shoes soles are useful to the eLastic production, also can print the whole shoes model with eLastic.”

We expect that eLastic , like other filament members in eSUN family, will make the 3D printing word more wonderful.

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