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eSUN goes to World 3D Print Technology Industry Conference & Exhibition

It has been 30 years since 3D print was invented, it changed from modeling printing to functional

print. In the background of intelligence, it is a sure thing that 3D print technology would develop

with other edge technologies, such as, Internet, big data, could computing. Hosted by World 3D

Printing Technology Industry Alliance, the third third World 3D Print Technology Industry Conference

& Exhibition, would start 3 June to 6 June, 2015 in Chengdu. The previous two World Print Technology

has been hosted at 2013 and 2014. By collaborating with CCTV and more than 200 medias from all

around the world, the show became a important festival in 3D print industry.


The third World 3D Print Technology Industry Conference & Exhibition would start at June 3rd,

2015 to 6th, June, 2015. The exhibitors come from more than 10 countries and areas and communicate

in the topic of ‘3D print in 3.0 time’, more than 120 enterprises would participates in this show, the

exhibition area would exceed 20,000 square meters.

The third World 3D Print Technology Industry Conference & Exhibition will emphasis on the technology

trend, business model, material, application, culture creation, biological medical science of 3D print, as well

as, how to establish 3D print ecological system. The 3D print enterprises from China and overseas would

demonstrate the latest industrial and desktop 3D print, medical print, as well as, the good 3D print work

and 3D print filaments.

The exhibition area of the third World 3D Print Technology Industry Conference & Exhibition beyond

20,000 square meters for the first time, it is the famous 3D print show with largest scales in the world.

It divide all of the exhibitors into 9 areas, the expected visitors number beyond 50,000.

This time, eSUN Industrial Co,. Ltd would unite its partners, the RepRapPro from UK, the 3DShook from

Israel, not only to demonstrate the quality 3D filaments, but also to exhibit RepRap 3D print and 3DShook

print design. Please wait to be surprised at the show, we will meet you at D29 booth at hall No.3.

Any emerging industry cannot be succeed without correct material. Somehow, the development of

3D print is constrained by material, but, nowadays, there is more than 1,000 material has been applied

in 3D print industry. The CEO of eSUN Industrial Co,. Ltd would give the speech about the development

trend of 3D print material in the future at 10am, 4th, June, in Hotel Shangri-La.

Time: 2015, June, 3th - 6th.

Location: Chengdu Xinshiji International Conference and Exhibition Center

Booth: Hall 3, D29




Brief of RepRapPro:


RepRapPro is founded by ‘The father of Open Source’: Dr. Adrian Bowyer and his partners, the

company works for providing top open source 3D print and technology. Xi’an RepRapPro Ltd is

founded by RepRapPro UK and iSUN 3D technology (Shenzhen) Co,. Ltd.




The brief of 3DShook:


3DShook is a 3D print service company from Israel, it is the first company which provides, Subscription

Print on Demand service in the world. They focus on providing various fantastic 3D print design for FDM

3D print in the market. The performance of their company is improving rapidly, for now, their designs has

already beyond more than 40 categories and still increase by the rate of 100 per month. As the leader of

a emerging industry, they always guarantee design quality and compatibility at the same time, moreover,

they insist to offer original design to their customers.




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