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eSUN and RepRapPro Teams up and Participates in 3D Printshow London

By following the steps of 3D Printshow, eSUN comes to London, in the meanwhile, we gladly invited

one of our global partners - RepRapPro, which is established by the ‘Father of Open Source’ in 3D

print Mr. Adrian Bowyer. The strong collaboration between two enterprises, not only demonstrates

high quality eSUN filaments to British local makers, but also brings the new 3D print which specially

designed for Children.

Please follow us to explore the 3D Printshow London:




The filaments from eSUN attracts countless attentions from 3D print fans, especially eSUN new

products, such as Wood filaments and Bronze filaments. The new designed 3D printer for Children

by eSUN and RepRapPro even had been interviewed as a new product introduction by local media.





Please stay tunned for the further report!

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