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Post-Event Report | Shenzhen & Hongkong International Educational Expo

2015 Shenzhen & Hongkong International Educational Expo consisted by more than 200

educational agencies, 32 seminars, 32 recreation entertainments, to replenish your May Day.



Shenzhen & Hongkong International Educational Expo date back to previous Shenzhen &

Hongkong Superier Educational Expo, which helps improve Early Childhood Education for

Children between age 0 to 6, besides, it gives advises to Children between age 6 to 16 that

plans to study abroad. With the cooperation with more than 200 educational agencies from

Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore, as well as, the host of interesting seminars and recreation

entertainments contributes the Expo to an one-stop interactive international education





As one of the most authoritative educational events that covers a large area in China. In the

past four years, this event offered educational consulting services for millions of parents. As a

result, the event received highly praise from both visitors and industry sides, moreover, it has

been considered as a perfect platform to demonstrate superior educational resources and

contribute educational communication.


iSUN3d and eSUN created a fantastic world for children by 3D printer and Polymorph, let us

see the photo and get to know how the little makers to be creative:













Little makers use 3D pen paint their picture









3D print allows children to paint our their imagination, we dedicate to help children to have

an creative and happy childhood.





PolyMorph is plasticity model which independently invented by eSUN Industrial Co,. Ltd,

it can be melted by the water beyond 60 degrees and customized to any shapes you

want, then it become to solid form after cooling.


The application of PolyMorph is various, it can be used as the modeling material of creative

handwork for children, for instance, it can be used to fix furniture, build your own cup and

so on. Currently, PolyMorph has already became prevail in Europe and US.

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