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SinoVision Interviews eSUN in 3D Printshow New York


3D Printers attract visitors interests in the 3D Printshow New York, the responsible person

from European 3D printer manufacturer Ulitmaker indicated that they were working to prevail

3D printing technology and tried to reduce the printer price as much as possible. The printer

they produced is very accurate and effective in printing, besides, they are still try to offer best

price they can, Iris said, the cost of 3D printing is relative low, such as, the cost of printing a

key chain is less than 1 dollar, the 3D motorcycle they demonstrated costs approximately 200

dollars, “It does not have filler, but still it weights 10 kilograms, then it costs 200 bucks let’s say,

apart from designing, printing and other costs. ”




Other than 3D printer manufacturers, a 3D designing company attracts journalists’ interest,

3D Shook designs various kinds of items, which can be frequently used in daily life. “This is

my favorite saving box, it is really easy to print and I like this bottle, it looks like a whale, the

cost is less than 1 dollar, it is really reasonable and design is interesting”





There are some exhibitors from China, eSUN mainly works on manufacturing 3D print Filament,

the GE of eSUN, Mr. Yang Yihu said that the 3D print technology develops rapidly in China, as

a world leading 3D print filaments manufacturer, eSUN have more than 15 types of filaments,

new produces will be invented in very 2-3 month,as the biggest supplier, eSUN have considerable

manufacturing ability, R&D power and sales service. Compared with relatively developed 3D print

market, Chinese market behinds two years, the advantages of Chinese company is in R&D,

manufacturing and sales, Usually the components of printers, sometimes even the whole printer

is made in China, so does the 3D print filaments, the marketing share is approximately 25-30%.












3D print technology is no longer limited in experiment purpose, 3D print technology is starting

step into our life.




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