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eSUN launches the latest macaroni color PLA-matte , the new fashion of High-class 3D

The presentation of beauty and people's perceptions of beauty are constantly changing. In the 3D printing industry, the combination of the beauty of materials creativity is the starting point for various works of art.


Color, as a direct expression of aesthetics, is the key to arouse emotions and determine the quality of the product. In a different scenario, color combinations will also collide with different sparks. Therefore, we need to pay attention to fashion trends and continue to innovate to meet the changing demands of users.


After a long period of research and development and testing, eSUN officially launched a new matte PLA line in China on August 20th(ePLA-Matte)



ePLA-Matte product and model display


The matte surface effect is one of the biggest highlights of this new product! The surface of the model printed with eSUN matte PLA is foggy, delicate without layering, and has a more advanced visual effect; the unique "frosted feeling" of the matte surface forms a "diffuse reflection" through light, without glare, It gives people a youthful and romantic feeling, and reflects elegance and beauty in details.


To show the appearance and performance of ePLA-matte more clearly, we specially selected three lines of ePLA, ePLA-gloss, and ePLA-matte to compare the printed models.



As shown in the picture, the model on the right (ePLA-matte) is elegant and gentle in appearance, unique in texture, keeps up with the current fashion trends, and will provide more choices for artistic.


For the design of ePLA-matte, eSUN chose macaronis. This is a big hit in the fashion industry in recent years. From clothing to home decorations,the fresh and colorful quality captured a bunch of users in any industry. When 3D printing encounters macarons, what "happy encounter" will it get? You are more than welcome to try it with your boldly innovative designs and create different works of art!


ePLA-matte has launched six colors, except the basic black and dark gray, there are also almond yellow, mint green, cream white, and peach pink.


Basic black and dark gray are steady with low-key and restrained quality;


Almond yellow can easily connect the summer and autumn seasons. It will be exquisite and brilliant whether it is the main color or the matching color.


Mint green is synonymous with freshness and oxygen. It makes people feel soft and friendly, and it is highly recognizable.


Creamy white is simple, gentle, beautiful and quiet, it can have a sense of luxury;


Peach pink, excellent color for the embellishment of romance, when matched with other colors, it will produce a wonderful "chemical reaction"~



Except the matte surface effect and the unique texture of macarons, the matte PLA also has many other advantages:








In short, ePLA-Matte is a cost-effective PLA. It is an environmentally friendly material, easy to print, long-term printing is smooth without clogging,can be printed for  large-size models, and it be used for early concept models and rapid prototyping.


Compared with ABS, ePLA-Matte has higher rigidity and PC-like strength, and does not require a closed cavity; there will be no irritating odor during printing, which is safe and environmentally friendly; it is worth mentioning that the reel is made by reusing injection molding of PETG, ABS, PLA production waste and other industrial waste, and the outer box is made of recyclable paper. Make 3D printing more sustainable with the environmental protection concept;


model display:




Due to space issues, more information will not be repeated here. If you want to know more , please consult relevant business personnel.


ePLA-Matte parameter reference:




Ps:Compared with other filaments,the ePLA-Matte line is softer. So the extruder is better not to tight.

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