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[TCT SHOW 2019] Preview of eSUN innovative 3D printing products!

Everyone knows TCT in the additive manufacturing industry. Whether you are an industrial user or expert looking for cutting-edge production processes, or an ordinary consumer user who is looking for the latest technology, eager to learn, and understand how 3D technology and its complementary products can change their lives, don't miss the TCT event. .

January 30th - February 1st  TCT Japan


February 21st-23rd   TCT Asia 2019


May 20th-23rd  Rapid+TCT 2019


From September 24th to 26th, 2019, [TCT SHOW 2019] will be held in Birmingham, UK (Hall 3/3A, NEC).


This is the 24th TCT SHOW exhibition in Birmingham. It brings together dozens of inspirational speakers from 60 countries. It is expected that there will be 300 exhibitors and about 10,000 visitors, Imagine the warmth; It also brings together a variety of advanced 3D printing products, each region is full of exciting topics including theme forums, industry exchanges, product demonstrations, and new product releases.


eSUN has been invited to participate in the TCT SHOW since 2014 to cooperate with people in the industry at home and abroad to learn and promote the development of 3D printing industry, actively pay attention to the development trend of global 3D printing, research and development, and continuously introduce innovative products to cater to the demand of 3D printing materials manufacturers.


Do not miss this year! This time, eSUN team will bring the latest 3D printing filaments, photopolymer resin best-sellers, cost-effective 3D printing equipment and 3D printing innovative application solutions to the international 3D printing feast.


Exhibition Name: TCT SHOW (Birmingham)

Time: September 24-26th, 2019

Venue: Hall 3/3A NEC, Birmingham, UK

Booth No: #B75



Key product display


eSilk-PLA - good mechanical properties and good toughness, stable printing performance, safety and environmental friendly; high transparency, low shrinkage, brighter gloss and silky texture.


PLA+ - biomaterial extracted from corn grain, natural degradable and environment friendly; hard, strong and rigid; good gloss and transparency; printing process is non-toxic, no odor, no warping.


eSilk-PLA Rainbow Multicolor –  same as eSilk-PLA and comes with a rainbow gradient color, your printed works can be colorful without dyeing.

eMarble - inherits the safety and environmental protection of PLA, high strength, low shrinkage and smooth printing. The printed product has marble texture.



LCD Water Washable Resin - with the strength and performance of Standard Resin, is a preferred material in the process of product development; hardness 76D, high toughness and impact resistance; high precision, the printed model can be directly rinsed with water, no harsh odor, safe, environmentally friendly, high surface precision, compatible with most LCD printers, is the preferred material for school and home education.


LCD Precision Model Resin - a high-precision resin, the print details are clearly visible; hardness 85D, high toughness; high temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature 64 ° C; can be widely used in the animation and jewelry industry, highly restored simulation characters and game characters , compatible with most LCD printers.


eResin-PLA bio-photopolymer resin - the world's first bio-based resin, safe and environmentally friendly; high printing accuracy, good hardness, scratch resistance; hydrophobicity, dry surface, not easy to absorb moisture.


Standard Resin - Developed for prototypes requiring precision component parts, hardness up to 88D, very tough, good impact and strength, fast print speed, low shrinkage, and highly compatible with LED UV light source DLP.



Rigid eResin - eSUN’s first epoxy resin, with the advantages of high hardness, high tensile strength and moderate toughness.


Hard-Tough Resin - a urethane acrylate light-curing resin with high impact strength; resistance to falling, more resistant to falling than the same type of products on the market; rigid resin, excellent hardness, tensile and bending mechanics; high surface hardness and wear resistance.



iSUN3D LCD 3.0 Printer - photopolymer 3D printer, uses a multi-lamp bead flat light source, uniform light source energy, the machine life and printing speed are very cost-effective.


eBOX - This is a centerless shaft rack placement product. It has sealed protection and comprehensive dust-proof; with special groove for drying bag, which is convenient for recycling; it can also freely set the drying heating time and heating temperature, and detect the temperature inside the box in real time; freely set the empty disk weight and debug the gram/pound double unit weighing and check the remaining filament weight in real time.


iSUN3D customized insole printing system - eSUN  has used the years of experience in 3D printing materials and equipment trying to boost the development of orthopedic insole industry and launched the iSUN3D medical insole 3D printing system. The entire project has greatly improved the efficiency, capacity, quality and cost of similar systems. First, 3D scanning is used to obtain the user's foot data. Secondly, through the special soft TPU filament and iSUN3D FLX printer, a pair of insoles that are completely suitable for the user's foot type can be printed to fix and maintain the foot health.



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