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CES 2019 | eSUN exhibited 3D printing new technology products and attracted many visitors


CES 2019 | eSUN exhibited 3D printing new technology products and attracted many visitors


On January 8, 2019, the 52nd CES, which is known as the wind vane of the future technology, was grandly opened.




Different from the experience of science and technology in previous years, today's CES exhibition always brings changes that innovation and technology bring to human life.

According to official data, CES 2019 ushered in more than 4,500 exhibitors, with Chinese exhibitors 1551, accounting for 33%. The number of visitors is as high as 180,000. AI, 5G, flexible folding OLED TV R, etc. are the hot words of this year's CES exhibition, and the development and application of 3D printing technology in many industries, and the rich display has also received everyone's attention.





Full-color 3D printed living utensils and hand-made models are not lost to  traditional craftsmanship.




Gradient color filament 3D printing, one-time molding crafts.




More than art life, music with a skateboarding trend.




Terracotta Warriors, Yi Tripods, Swords... Bronze rust 3D printing




SpongeBob, Donald Duck, Jenny Turtle, Spiderman..




The Sea King:




CES 2019 brings together the latest technologies, new products and new trends from around the world. When it comes to the innovation of 3D printing, it is inevitable to look at the innovative power of the 3D printing industry. For example, eSUN is a professional 3D printing polymer manufacturer, and its latest technology products and 3D printing solutions for multiple industries are on display at CES 2019.





eSUN's new products eSilk-PLA and eMarble filaments are on display. The print effect of silk and marble has attracted many people.


The lucky cat on the booth is printed with yellow eSilk-PLA. Except for the different effects of eSilk-PLA and eMarble, the performances are similar to the classic PLA product. As new products of eSUN New Year, it has increased the choice of printing results required by different customers. The product quality also meets the customer's multiple details and precision requirements for printed products.


The pen model next to the Lucky Cat is printed by red PLA+. The choice of printed stationery shows the environmental performance of the filament. The pattern on the model confirms the high precision of the filament.


The rocket and portrait sculptures are printed by eMarble filament. The filament is made of PLA, which is safe, environmentally friendly, high strength, low shrinkage and smooth printing. The printed product has its own marble texture and is stable.




The UAV casing printed by ABS+ also fully demonstrates that ABS+ has superior hardness as an industrial grade filament. The black tires printed by eTPU-95A  show the high flexibility and high resilience of the filament. The yellow insole printed on it attracts the on-site exhibitors and they look forward to the complete case of 3D printing ten flexible insoles.





As a product line that eSUN focused on in 2019, photosensitive resin has taken the lead in entering the US market. At the exhibition, eSUN's photosensitive resin products attracted great attention. eResin-PLA is the world's first environmentally friendly bio-based photosensitive resin. The universal rigid resin meets the needs of popular daily printing. Dental castable resin, jewelry castable resin and other products can be used for personalized production in medical, jewelry and other application industries.




The Refilament solution is one of the most popular areas in the booth. The Refilament is neat, greatly reducing the chance of knotting. The eBOX was very attracting, people said that it is the first to see such products in the US, and they are interested in the characteristics of weighing, moisture-proof and drying.




eSUN has been participating in the CES exhibition for five consecutive years. It will combine the 11 years of technology accumulation and application experience in the field of additive manufacturing with the needs of the industry, and creatively display all kinds of filaments independently developed. The supporting products are also from the educational program- 3D printing pen to industrial grade light curing LCD printer. Different innovative courses in different stages of innovation,  hoping to inspire users to create unlimited creativity and inspiration, and turn imagination into reality.




At CES 2019, eSUN expressed its technology and philosophy in science and technology and the vision of the future 3D printing manufacturing industry. This is also an important step for eSUN to develop internationally as a Chinese 3D printing company. In 2019, eSUN will be more active in providing systematic 3D printing solutions for more industries, allowing personalized 3D printing products to enter more people's lives.



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