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CES 2019 | 3D printing materials is innovative!


Foreword: As you can see in life, when talking about "3D printing", you will think of a model that you have encountered with a 3D printer that is different from traditional craftsmanship. These models may be 3D printed phone case come from the online maker’s DIY, or the public seat in the park, or the 3D printed aircraft turbine displayed in the space museum... 3D printing technology is widely used.


The manufacturing parts in different industries requires different 3D printing materials and 3D printers. If you want 3D printing manufacturing parts to achieve the desired production results, it is important to understand the properties of  materials and 3D printers, especially the characteristics and functions of the materials.


The uniqueness of 3D printing filaments creating more possibilities


The 3D printing materials on the market are all common plastics. However, when developing innovative filaments, R&D personnel will create the uniqueness of the products according to users’ needs.


Perhaps the product is good at flame retardant, or the color is beautiful enough... These unique features are representative considerations of the makers. Therefore, when selecting materials and starting to print manufacturing parts, most makers will understand and repeatedly verify the materials. Currently, the popular silk filament and marble filament are examples of such unique attributes.


As the name suggests, silk filament make a silky luster and marble filament make a marble texture. These two types of filaments can be applied to all major processes, making illuminating lamps, jewelry, marble sculptures, from everyday items to art exhibits. Take eSilk-PLA and eMarble from the world-renowned 3D printing filaments brand eSUN as examples:






eSilk-PLA is a new gift for eSUN at the end of 2018. If you need a word to describe the performance of the product, it can be called "vigor".


eSilk-PLA is based on the combination of materials with bright-effect properties and PLA filaments to make it more shiny. The printed parts avoid the need to polish the brilliance of the traditional craftsmanship, and under the brilliance of the light, show being made in one go.



In terms of performance, eSilk-PLA has similar performance to ordinary PLA filaments, has good mechanical properties and good toughness, stable printing performance, safety and environmental protection; high transparency, low shrinkage, brighter gloss and silky texture. Can be widely used in large surface models and practical products, such as furniture accessories, decoration, outdoor decoration and other fields.






eMarble is also eSUN's new printing filaments based on PLA. The printed products are self-contained with marble texture and are stable. As a new product, it set off a new wave as soon as it entered the European and American markets.  


eMarble also perfectly inherits the safety, environmental protection, high strength, low shrinkage and smooth printing of PLA filaments. Due to its unique printing appearance, it is mainly used in prototyping, decorative and display crafts printing.



Different characteristics make different functions, enhancing the interest of makers


Today's 3D printing filaments come in a wide variety, there are a wide range of modified thermoplastic materials, such as luminous materials, water-soluble materials, carbon fiber materials.... These different characteristics of the materials create the exclusive function of the manufacturing parts.


Like the flexible filament TPU, it is often used in the production of automotive parts, household appliances, medical supplies, soles, smart phone covers, wristbands, etc., and the manufacture of good stretch objects is preferred. eSUN's latest eTPU-95A  is the hottest TPU product.






With its high flexibility and high resilience, eTPU-95A greatly reduces the permanent deformation rate of the material. It also has moisture permeability and hydrolysis resistance, so that the sample can be subjected to clean water, cold and warm and other working conditions. Its flexibility and hardness are higher than most materials of the same type, with high transparency, ensuring the stability of the print size and shape, and the surface of the product is also easy to color. It does not need to heat the bottom plate when printing, and the printing is smooth, odorless , and it is an environmentally friendly material!




In the past year, eSUN's Refilament was also appreciated by users. The essence of it is a non-feeding PLA+ filament, which promotes environmental protection practices.






Refilament is neatly arranged, greatly reduces the probability of knotting during using, and used with eSUN Respool, it solves the trouble for consumers to dispose of their reel after purchasing filaments. In Europe and the United States, many creators are very happy to self-print Respool. Refilament is designed to enhance the fun of 3D printing and protect the environment.




[CES 2019] Technology carnival, eSUN new products unveiled


The world is intensifying change, and advanced technology is everywhere in our lives. If you want to know the latest technology in the world, you must see the annual CES exhibition in the United States.




This grand show is a gathering place for all those who are thriving in high-tech fields. For 50 years, it has been a testing ground for innovators and their breakthrough technologies, and a global arena for bringing next-generation innovation to market.


Since 2007, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. has quickly entered the 3D printing filaments manufacturing field with its accumulated experience in biomaterial production, and has created the brand eSUN, which is well-known for its development of various innovative 3D printing filaments.


Since 2015, eSUN has been exhibiting at CES every year, and eSUN's advantage products are far more than the above. For more details and material characteristics, please pay attention to 2019 CES exhibition!


At that time, eSUN will make a debut, release and show eSUN's latest 3D printing application solutions (e.g how to build 3D printing labs, 3D printing in advertising word applications, etc.), cooperation in materials, technology, applications and services, and four filaments: eSilk-PLA, eMarble, eTPU-95A and Refilament and their samples.


eSUN is exhibiting at CES 2019 and looking forward to your joining!


Exhibition: International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019)

Time: January 8-11, 2019    

Exhibition Venue: Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth No.: South Hall 3, 32031


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