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3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo is the advanced 3D-printing technologies exhibition that will take place in ECC “Sokolniki”, pavilion 4. 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, 7/1, Moscow.


13th of February 2014 - Business Day.

14th of February 2014 - Visitors Day.

Location map

The aim of the exhibition is to introduce visitors to present innovative 3D printing technologies that are being used nowadays in the different sectors of industry and prove to be more competitive and cost efficient.

First day of the exhibition – 13 February 2014 - is Business day for professionals and executives - with full access to all events throughout the exhibition day.

This day the doors are open for business owners, venture capital funds, top-managers, marketing experts and project managers, software developers and other representatives of companies interested in application of 3D technologies in their business.

February 14 everybody interested will be able to attend the exhibition. Exhibition attendees will be demonstrated capabilities of 3D printers work - scanning and printing of various items used in daily life.

Exhibition participants are:

Exhibition visitors are:

personal 3D printing units manufacturers;

industrial 3D printers manufacturers;

3D scners manufacturers;

software developers;

components, materials and accessories manufacturers.


jewelry designers,

software developers,

business owners,

venture capitalists,


project managers,


cookery specialists,

healthcare professionals and a lot of other people.

Everyone is welcome to visit workshops and conferences that will be held in the course of exhibition.

5 reasons to visit the exhibition:

discover the most innovative 3D printing technologies;

broaden your horizons in advanced technology ;

meet pioneer specialists of this sector;

find out about the 3D printing possibilities for business and everyday life;

establish useful and interesting business contacts.


Our doors are open for anyone interested in the advanced 3D printing technologies.

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