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eSUN and Steve Weber made Cutie Piggy Bank together

Hi, Guys, do you still remember the lovely piggy bank in your childhood?

Recently, Steve Weber made this cute little piggy bank by PLA+ filament of eSUN, source by Makerbot on Thingiverse. Look at its smooth surface and bright color, you can see the perfect performance of PLA+. Lively Piggy Bank with tiny little ears and bulging belly wants to give you a hug! 

Printed in the new eSUN PLA+ filament, 0.2mm layers, 215 

eSUN’s PLA+ filament has been one of the most hot sale filament in the market for a long time. With more than 10 times toughness and better glossiness, you will have no wiredrawing problems boring you, and the surface of printings will be smoother and more delicate.  

His another Random Crystal printing series also uses this eSUN PLA+ filament, which brings out the beauty of elegant purple shiny crystal to the best. Source of its is Ferjerez on Thingivers.

Printed at 0.2mm in Purple PLA+ from eSUN. 3 shells, no infill. 215 C, medium speed.

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