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3D Printer PS600

Product Description :

Instruction Application
  • Self-designed professional water cooling system
  • Industrial ball screw and linear guide
  • Double insulation structure with built-in constant temperature heating
  • Support engineering materials printing, ABS/PC/nylon/carbon fiber/PEEK
  • All components are modular design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Support wifi connection


Basic parameters:


Enclosed chamber, internal constant temperature heating

Double insulated enclosure with internal thermostat up to 90°C

Water cooling extruder with a maximum support of 500 ° C

The self-developed integrated extruder is easy to disassemble and maintain; it has a water-cooling system, and the print head supports printing up to 500 °C. It can print high-performance materials: PEEK, nylon, carbon fiber, glass fiber and so on.

High precision structural design

High precision with industrial grade ball screw and linear guide assembly.




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