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Shenzhen Innovation education conference was hosted in this week

Shenzhen Innovation education conference was held in 15th  January to 17th January.The rain didn’t affect our high enthusiasm.There were up to 400 principals,teachers and entrepreneurs,many of them were from foreign countries.
The conference was divided into the main venue and branch venue.The main venue focus on meeting communication.Branch venue was set in Shenzhen Experimental School with the theme of program display and interaction.This conference show us the development fruit of educational reform and maker education.Almost 40 companies and schools from Shenzhen attended it.

It is worth mentioning that the conference was jointly hosted by eSUN,WHADEN Education and ESUN display.eSUN bring us all kinds of innovation 3d printing filaments,Builder mixed color printers and popular 3d print pens.Apart from those new products,Education-specific 3D printer 3Dwox attracted many eyes because of its full-automatic characteristics and intelligence.3Dwox own safe and environmental friendly design,which not only could help the kids explore their consciousness of innovation and manipulative ability,but also keep their learning environment enough safe.

The conference promote the communication and cooperation for Chinese and foreign education,provide a good channel to bring latest foreign educational resources and export inland education products.Let’s appreciate those fancy display units,many of them are made by primary and secondary school students.It’s a good news that many students have become makers.

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