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Education Specialized 3D Printer 3Dwox Open an Innovative Door for Children

3D printing technology can inspire the thought and tap the potential of children, so the application of 3D printing has gained great attention in the field of education.

Most printers currently on the market are not suitable for children to use, but the emergence of isun3d educational printer --3Dwox has brought a turning point for 3D printing technology in the application of education. It is not only automatic, convenient and easy to operate, but also safe and environmental protection to meet the educational needs. You can say it is a education specialized 3D printer.

Security:fully closed frame,high permeability protective door,wireless radiation

With fully closed frame design,the gear structure and prominent image are closed at the box inside, which add an extra protective measure to children’s safety. while the high-permeability protective doors on the top and frontage not only can ensure the children away from hurt, but also convenient for users to observe the printing conditions.

Enbironmental protection:flue gas purification,sterile filtration function,low noise

3Dwox rear is equipped with sterilization filter which can purify the flue gas during printing process. Besides,3Dwox makes small noise when printing,which is able to provide a adequate safe and healthy creation environment for kids.So it is more suitable for school teaching than other printers.

Intelligence:automatic feed,automatic levelling,automatic cleaning machine

Intelligent 3Dwox can make the printing process become very simple.You only need to install cartridge,after that all cut and placing work can be done by highly automated 3Dwox. 3Dwox can also help you to find the horizontal position,thus eliminating a lot of complicated printing steps to make it easier for students to use.

Easy to use:chinese interface,full touch screen

3Dwox is equipped with a 5-inch color touch screen which has multi-language operating system with Chinese interface and full touch screen.It can also remind operating steps,check the preview of printing objects and its printing time required, this allows students to be more straightforward to understand printers and printing process.

Cloud print:built-in camera,multiple connections,realize cloud print

3Dwox owns multiple connections,including connecting by USB interface,internet interface,internal websever for access via ethernet. And the combined LED light&built-in camera help to monitor the whole 3D printing process at any time,realize the cloud printing.

Cloud memory:Printing can be paused anytime,enable to continue to print after exchanging the material

The printing of 3Dwox can be paused anytime,and enable to continue to print after exchange the materials as the printing progress can be recorded in the printer.

The3Dwox printing effect is much better than many tedious and complicated operating printers even many printing steps have been operate by 3Dwox with a high degree automation. The designated filaments for 3Dwox are from eSUN,the below samples are printed by 3Dwox with eSUN PLA filaments with a very smooth printing experience for users.

The rapid development of 3D printing technology will bring profound influence to multiple industries and fields. Believe the iSUN printer 3Dwox specialized in educational field will unlock the doors of a innovation for children,help children to print the dreams and designs by 3D printers on the condition of enough safety&environment.
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