More Innovations Coming




Bringing 3D printing course into western elementary school in Hubei,making the imagination closer to the reality.

“Making the kids’imagination to reality and letting theachers’ teching more stereo”,which is the objective of the 3D printing course into the primary and secondary schools. In Europe and Amercia,the innovative program of 3D printing into the primary and secondary school has been very popular now. It can not only bring more fun to the students in their practical activities,but also can cultivate the innovation ability and practice ability. At the same time,it enlightens the kids to cognize the world. This kind 3D printing class helps more children to find their ideals.

This time eSUN goes to a primary school in Hubei province,traines the children in the 3D printing,introduces the working principle of 3D printer and get the kids to experience the joy of the 3D printing through operating by themselves. When our lecturers introducing the 3D printer working principle,the childen are especially focused with full curiosity.

They are watching the 3D printer and wondering to print out articles one by one. The children are cute,all of them are thinking the 3D printer is so magical and talking about what the 3D printer can print per their wondering.

The children are more interested in writing and design by the 3D pen. They print a lot of small interesteding toys,all of them are the magic designers and creaters. .

The president Yang Yihu of Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co.,Ltd has always been very concerned about the development of science and education of our country. Therefore, eSUN is actively carrying out science popularization and promotion of 3d printing in the campus all over the country. For the sake of children, eSUN will continue to work hard.


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