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Forbes China the Makers Talk

The makers will play a creation games.

Science and technology is the foundation and progress of human civilization,there is a group of this kind people in every era,they are especially good at reading life,searching&creating the wisdom in opening future wisdom.They are very keen on creating,designing,manufacture. A much better life for them even for humankind is always be created by the makers with lasting innovation&practice.They always walk ahead in the era.

 “Forbes China the Makers Talk”was firstly launched with the theme of makers in Forbes in Chinese version in 2014.,to call for a group pf people with high innovation and share their sharpe mind and overall creativity in the field of science and technology.

 “Forbes China the Makers Talk”in 2015 is not just limited to focus on “making spirit” and “sharing wisdom”,Forbes in Chinese version will invite the leading pioneers in science and technology and the young makers with hig challenging spirit ,they will talk about the development direction of technological innovation from the field of travel,home,the readlity of wearing and the innovation in 3D.

In the first part is short speech,three leading pioneers share with us the entrepreneurship in the field of science and technology,design,internet by explore the cases. Yihu Yang who is the pioneer of Forbes in 2013(the CEO of Shenzhne Esun Industry Co.,Ltd)has been invited in for the speech. He introduces the progress in the filed of biological material eSUN has gained and expounded the exploration practice of open innovation and the direction in future.

In the last part of speech is the conversation around the table,the pioneers and maker elites explores the invitation of new industry revolution and the opportunities and chakkenged in the future

Under the push of Makers,the source of innovation will change from the one person to multitudinous people,and this is also the power of the progress of eSUN,this will promote the development of 3D filed with the openness. 
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